Saturday, July 4, 2009

Guest Post

It is American independence day and the American contingent at ARI has organized a real shindig to celebrate life and culture. In this Kathy has rounded up volunteers from all over ARI to create a quintessential American barbeque with chicken, cornbread, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, chocolate chip cookies and homemade ice cream, there will be fireworks tonight.

We have a few visitors on campus this weekend including two former volunteers. One of these volunteers is my former roomate who rode his bike up from Chiba on Thursday to spend a few days at ARI. He was gracious enough to offer a few words as my first guest contributor to the blog, here is what he had to say (unedited) I give you Yumitaro Yamato:

Hi everyone.

I can listen to the music from outside and people chatting. I can smell the chicken being grilled. Yes, meeen today is July 4th. People are preparing for tonight 's BBQ. I know there were people prepared icecreams and cookies. These extraordinarily many flies are celebrating this day.
Oh happy day oh happy day.

On that note I am going to wander out to see how the grilling is going and listen to a little Eric Clapton.

Peace Love and Explosions


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mad4books said...

Happy Fourth of July! I'll bet you'll never forget this one...