Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well I made it back from the dead. I spent the last 10 days with my head on a pillow wondering if I would ever feel good again. I had caught the crud that was going around the dorm. We are still debating about its vector but the best I can tell it came down through Steven and then passed through Yukiko to Edo at which point it split to Mahanaz and Leander (my roomate). Around the time Leander was getting better I had been reflecting on my immunity to said crud at which point I got a tickle at the back f my throat and knew I was doomed. It took me out right before it got to Mahanaz's roomate Ven Van. After that it went down the hall to Kina and I have lost track of it. The crud was manifested in a wretched cough, headache, congestion, and occassional fever. You can spot it in a victom when they are shuffling listlessly through the halls, eyes heavy and demeanor blunted. In general the patient will have slept too much but remained tired. The tell tale sign is the cough. After a week I went to the doctors and he perscribed a whopping arsenal of pills (7 pills 3 times a day for 3 days) and though some of the infection is still present my general health and life outlook is greatly improved. I will keep you all informed if there is another outbreak, be vigilant in your homes and drink plenty of water. Get some good food, visit some friends and take care of yourselves out there, life is a full contact sport with a 0% survival rate.

Peace and Love


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Piapi said...

I am visiting! Keep updating! Love reading your stories from that place I love! Ganbare Lazarus!